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Frequently Asked Questions

Clicksendnow offers money transfers from South Africa to 30+ countries across the continent! We’re an Authorized Dealer with Limited Authority (level 3) that is approved and authorised by the South African Reserve bank. We’ll be launching some more features soon, beyond remittance, so watch this space!

Depending on whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, click on one of the links below to download our app:

Unfortunately not. You will need a South African mobile number in order to download the app, as an OTP is sent to your cellphone in order to activate and open the app.

Ideally not. Each mobile number is uniquely linked to a profile so you won’t be able to register with a number that is already linked to another profile. Should your friend not have the Clicksendnow app yet, it will allow you to link to the app, yet every time an OTP is required your friend would have to be present. This will also prevent them from downloading the application in the future, so we strongly advise against it.

You can apply to your mobile network provider to have the same mobile number issued to you again. Once you receive your new phone and sim card, you would simply download the app and confirm the new OTP sent to you. This will allow you to set a new pin code to access the app, but you would still have to remember your secret word in order to progress through a transaction. If, however you have changed numbers then please contact the customer service centre on 0872405400 to assist with the changeover.

You would have to go through a series of security questions and then we will reset your secret word for you so that you can get going again. Contact our support desk via WhatsApp to assist you with this. 

Downloading the app is the first step in being able to send money home. Next you need to click on the ‘Send Money’ icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you click here you will be taken through a series of identification checks such as entering your address, scanning your passport or SA ID, and doing a facial scan to confirm your identity. Once this has all been done our online systems will verify you. Should there be an error with any one of your documents or if something is unclear, our customer service department will reach out to you to resolve the issue, and get you verified as quickly as possible.

The only four forms of identification you can use to verify your profile is a valid passport, Asylum Permit, South African ID card or South African ID green booklet.

Your mobile number is your unique identifier and is not connected to a specific phone. So, if you are experiencing any problem with the hardware of your phone you can log on to anyone’s phone that has the app downloaded with your specific details and secret word. You would then be able to complete the onboarding process using their camera.

If you get to the point where you have entered all the information requested through the app prompts, and your profile remains unverified, it just means that there might be one or two documents or details that were not captured clearly.

This however is picked up automatically by our support desk, so please keep an eye out for a message from them to let you know which documents we need in order to get you verified. We’ll have you up and running soon – just like that!

Quick tip: Save the call centre number in your phone so that you know it’s us when when we try to reach out to you via SMS, WhatsApp or phone call. The number is 0872405400.

If you managed to go through the full verification process and no errors were found then the app will send you an in-app message to let you know that you are verified. Alternatively, if the support team had to jump in and assist you, then they will send you a message confirming your verification after they have tended to the relevant issue.

Quick tip: You can also click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and view your status under your name.

Once you are verified then you can transact via the app by following the simple steps after clicking the ‘Send Money’ icon. Alternatively, you can simply send the word “Hi” to our WhatsApp line and follow the prompts to create a money transfer order there.

When you are in the app you can choose the option of paying via any bank card, or select Pay@ and go and pay cash at one of Pay@’s retail partners. If you are sending via WhatsApp, Pay@ will be your only option to pay for your money transfer.

The limit is set at a national level by the SARB and is limited to R5000 per day and R25 000 per month.

Although we have taken all precautions to ensure that SMS messages are delivered, we do find that sometimes network issues can affect our delivery system. Luckily, we have our support desk standing by and they will be able to resolve the issue for you and get your loved one the details needed so that they can collect. Reach out to the support desk via WhatsApp and one of our #TeamClicksendnow agents will happily assist you.

You can track the progress of your transaction from the moment you send until it is received on the other side. Simply click on the transaction in the history section on the app. Just like that!